unityhands22The three-year program offered through the Charlotte Spirituality Center is structured to help students discern their ministry of spiritual direction through a process of education, theological reflection and real world experience. Students are encouraged  to grow deeper in the areas of consciousness and interior freedom through direction, supervision, didactics, journaling and prayer.

Using the discipline of theological reflective processes defined by Bernard Lonergan, preeminent Jesuit philosopher and theologian, students begin to develop critical skills for judgment, and incorporate a daily review of one’s life.

Spiritual direction technique and skills are put into practice as students engage in the ministry of direction within the classroom in levels one and two.  Then practicum outside the classroom is added for a minimum of four hours per month in levels three, four, five and six. Students are encouraged to explore direction opportunities within their own faith tradition or within the wider community.  Proposed practicum sites are discussed and discerned with their director supervisor.  At the end of the 2 1/2 year educational process, a six month peer supervision structure is in place to assist new spiritual directors in their ministry, thus completing a three year program.

Possible Practicum Sites

  • One’s church or spiritual community.
  • The private practice  of Spiritual Direction (if the student is currently experienced in this).
  • Carolinas HealthCare System Clinical Pastoral Care Program. A small group of students will be selected to participate  under the supervision of a CPE Supervisor. They will be assigned to minister to patients at  Carolinas Rehab-Main, Carolinas Rehab-Mercy or Carolinas Rehab-Mt. Holly, Southminster Retirement Community.
  • Advanced students can direct at the CSC based on director’s recommendation.

Student spiritual direction is given under supervision and students are required to present verbatims recreating their direction experiences, as well as participate in peer evaluations.

Please see CMC’s website, http://www.carolinasmedicalcenter.org/body.cfm?id=1339

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